"LET'S BE REAL..."  

Hi! I'm Sheri. I am originally from Belleville Ontario but have called the beautiful Prince Rupert, BC home for over 20 years. 
I spent my younger years in an arena figure skating. At 18 years old I attained my credentials to become a Professional Coach. In thinking back over my coaching career I have always been much more of a Life Coach than a skating coach. In working with teens and youth, I was often helping skaters through struggles at home and school, self image, drugs and alcohol and just the general pressures of change and growing up!
In my late 30’s I decided to back to school for Social Work.
In 2015 I graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Social Work with a Child Welfare Specialization. 
I have pondered becoming a clinical counsellor but in reality my heart, and experience is in life coaching.  
I specialize in working with youth and teens but also have lots of experience in the business sector. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs make their way through the daily challenges of running their own business. 
My hope is to guide and empower people of all ages to meet their full potential!
Not only can I help them set goals and follow through on them, but also be another mind to share ideas, another ear to listen and another shoulder to lean on. 

O F F E R I N G S 


Speaking Engagements
Speaking engagements/learning sessions available for workplaces, schools and conferences.

Topics may include some of the following: 
  • Addictions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Empowerment- how to build future leaders
  • Balance in the workplace
  • Management…learn from my mistakes

Dynamic presentations and workshops to get the audience thinking and laying the groundwork for transparent conversations in the workspace, school or home. 


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1-1 Teen Sessions
An opportunity for teens to have a place to share and grow through the ups and downs of being a teen.

Here I will assist teens in working through items such as body shaming, school issues, parent/teen communications, getting a job, finishing high school, and the stages after school such as further schooling and employment.  The main goal being building confidence to empower teens to become their very best selves.
All sessions will remain confidential between the teen and myself, after consent for the sessions with the parent/guardian has been competed.  
Bridging the gap to other services, will take place where needed.
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1-1 Adult Sessions

A space for adults to work through life stuff.

This can be relationship, parenting or work related.

Goal setting and accountability sessions provided if that fits the clients needs.

Empowering adults to be their very best selves.

Walking alongside adults as they quit their 9-5, figure out how support their kids and partners, or just work their way through a new chapter in life. 

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Finding a New Job
Whether it be your first job, or just wanting to find something new, let me guide you through a number of modules to best prepare you for new employment. 

In the modules we will go through the following: 
  • Where do I want to work?
  • What are my skills?
  • Where to look for a job?
  • Seeking out training and upgrading 
  • Resume writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Cold calling for new employment 
  • Interviewing skills (my specialty)
  • 1-1 session during the training to hash out at personal concerns around resume writing or interviewing


Back to Barefoot Podcast

Back to Barefoot is about finding balance day to day.  Sheri has a very candid view on life, and views everything as an adventure.  Here you will find like minded folks that are open to healthy, fun conversations about work, mental health and anything that crosses our paths.  She often finds herself saying, ‘I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried’... she encourages you to look at life the same way!  You gotta laugh… and do it barefoot!

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Carmen Lucier Owens

Gya'wa'tlaab Healing Centre

I’ve had the privilege of sitting under Sheri’s facilitation many times! Sheri creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere for great discussion. Her workshops are fun and positive, and her one on one conversations are deep and insightful. She’s such an authentic, well-rounded asset!


Kennedy Ferguson


“Sheri is an amazing coach to have by your side! She has been by my side for years and helped me accomplish many challenging objectives in my life from career to personal to relationships. With Sheri’s supportive coaching style and unique insight she has helped me become the person I am today. Giving me tools and resources to find strength within myself to live my best life! Great communication, professionalism and understanding, I highly recommend Sheri to anyone looking to make changes in their life!”

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